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        1. Changsha Vaughn Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

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          Changsha Vaughn Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

          Changsha Vaughan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development, production, sales and service of "high-end laboratory ultrapure water system, medical water treatment, industrial water treatment, wastewater treatment equipment / engineering" as a comprehensive service company.
          Vaughan Environmental Protection Headquarters is located in the Changsha High-tech Zone of the Star City. Vaughan people have always been operating the philosophy of "doing the best with details and earning trust with sincerity"! Passed the high-tech enterprise certification, ISO9001: 2008, quality management system certification, and obtained the EU CE certification Has a standardized and standardized production base, has the manufacturing capacity from accessories to complete equipment, and professional technical service level; the company is committed to providing users with reliable quality and continuous innovation of products, services and solutions to meet the growing needs of customers Demand, becoming a first-class professional supplier of total water treatment solutions.
          Changsha Vaughn Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

          Cultural Cultural Ideas

          Changsha Vaughn Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd
          ● Company values
          Science Innovation, Customer First, People First

          ● Company spirit
          Be a first-class staff, create first-class quality, and become a first-class enterprise

          ● Company motto
          Without quality, there will be no enterprise tomorrow

          ● The company pursues
          To ensure the common interests of the company ’s employees and let us work happily is the company ’s eternal pursuit

          ● Company style
          Reign must be controlled, promotion depends on competition. Study hard, work hard; respond quickly, act fast, and predict ahead

          ● Professional ethics
          I am dedicated to work and loyal to my duties; study business, improve skills, work hard to ensure quality, diligently innovate, unite and cooperate; observe rules and regulations, work safely; work hard, work hard and frugally; be neat and tidy, and be generous

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